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Elephant Parade Hong Kong, 2014

Posted date: 01-Aug-2014

Elephant Parade Hong Kong 2014

Elephant Parade Hong Kong raises $2,150,000 for Asian Elephant Conservation.
The Hong Kong auction marked the end of a 5 week Elephant Parade exposition, presented by Swire Properties at Pacific Place, Cityplaza and Citygate Outlets, where over 100 elephant statues have been displayed for the public to enjoy.

For Elephant Parade International:

Pearl Of The Orient - Diana Francis

Elephant Parade Singapore, 2011

Posted date: 11-Nov-2011


Elephant Parade Singapore, 2011

Elephant Parade is here! After the incredible success of previous Elephant Parades, it is time for our elephants to make their way to Asia. First stop: the Lion City, Singapore! From 11/11/11, a herd of over 100 brightly painted life-size elephants swarm the streets of Singapore for two months. It’s the most colourful outdoor art exhibition (and probably the ‘heaviest’!) this city has ever seen. Elephant Parade won the prestigious ‘Singapore Marketing Events Award 2012′ in the catergory Best Consumer Event.

One Degree North - Diana Francis

Singapore Sun Festival 2010 - Life Is Beautiful, Diana Francis

Posted date: 01-Nov-2010



This enchanting evening at The Veuve Clicquot Sun Tent will launch Diana Francis’s exclusive art Exhibition ‘Life Is Beautiful’. 

The smallest things are what makes life beautiful, the best things in life are free - the priceless moments we often lose sight of in our ever increasing busy, professional lives.
‘Life Is Beautiful’, captures the priceless moments that we remember. Taste, sight, what we hear and smell that record these memories. 

‘Life is Beautiful’ presents seven paintings, that encapsulate the seven disciplines of the Singapore Sun Festival. ‘Seven pure virtues’. Music, Visual Arts, Film, Literature, Wine, Cuisine and Wellness reinterpreted from a perspective of a ‘moment’ that is priceless, from the eyes of a child.


The Business Of Heritage Conference

Posted date: 16-Sep-2010

Ms Diana Francis
FatCat Designs, Singapore

Diana Francis, a British artist living and residing in Asia for the past 20 years, studied art at Croydon College of Art in London and Wimbledon School of Art. She worked as Regional Creative Manager for ASEAN with McCann-Erickson in KL, before moving permanently to Singapore in 1996. Diana exhibits her works regularly and has now moved her area of fine art, which studies Singapore’s Heritage, over into merchandise with the support of NHB’s Heritage Industry Incentive Programme.

Established since August 2007, with British Artist Diana Francis as its sole director, Fatcat Designs (FCD) is a Singapore based art studio, illustration and graphic design studio. The services FCD's offers are Corporate Identity and branding to clients, illustration and most recently fine original oil artworks, prints and art commission services by Diana Francis for customers, both private and corporate. 

Join Diana and other Hi2P recipients as they discuss their NHB Hi2P supported projects at the National Museum.